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Welcome to Era Jaya Tuition Centre(PG0209093-A) 

In recent times it has become obvious that relying on schools to provide your child with the necessary education to achieve their goals is simply not enough.  In today's modern world, students are facing increasing pressure to perform well in their studies.

Era Jaya Tuition Centre, situated in 2973 & 2974, Jalan Sejahtera, Taman Selesa, Alma, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang was founded and established in 2000 by Miss Ching who is also the Principal.  Our prime focus is to motivate and facilitate students to achieve their best academically in school and tertiary entrance examinations.

Our highly qualified tutors aim to provide a supportive environment to help pupils strengthen their understanding in key subject areas.  They are experienced, highly competent and committed.  Era Jaya Tuition Centre goes through a strict process in hiring our tutors. We made sure that our friendly tutors are qualified individuals, have a burning passion and are dedicated in educating our students.

Here at Era Jaya Tuition Centre we are totally dedicated to inspiring students to reach their full potential.  we constantly update ourselves with the latest requirements of school syllabus and examinations. We understand and have also analysed the needs of our students and thus provide appropriate resources and tailor made notes to supplement what the students are learning in school.

Indeed, living in a world that is rapidly changing, we realise that students nowadays are heavily influenced by technology. Therefore we provide state-of-the-art facilities and teaching tools to assist our students.We assure proper guidance and excellence in the subjects abiding by latest Malaysian syllabus

So, you have decided to find a tuition centre for your kid? You have come to the right place.Our primary focus is to help students to be more prepared and confidence in their education so that they can do well in their tests and examinations. On the other hand, you must take note that by just sending your kid to Era Jaya Tuition Centre isn’t enough.

You should also participate in their learning, and make certain that they’re prepared for achievement.  Thank you for visiting us.  To find out more about
our service, please feel free to contact us.  We are more than happy to hear from you!


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